Love Your Way To Weight Loss

By | July 26th, 2013

Before you are ready to change yourself, you need to fully accept yourself. Love every flaw, embrace every curve and let go of the insecurities that have been holding you back. It is only until you own who you are, that you are going to be able to achieve the success you want for yourself in the future. It is not always easy, but following these simple steps will help you attract the life you want and love the life you lead.

Scale It Out: Knowing where you stand is different than dwelling on where you are at. Face the facts, and get on the scale. Rather than letting the numbers bring you down, let them empower you to focus on what you want, and realize where you actually are.

Treat Yourself: Go shopping. We have all held off from purchasing something because we are not our ideal weight, but what we end up doing is running from the truth. Outfit yourself in a new wardrobe. In a few months, when your clothes are too big, you’ll feel proud; and for the time being you are going to feel more confident!

Damage Control: Had a few too many on a Wednesday night? Snuck a cookie during lunch? Let it go! Eating “bad food” (proportionately) should not throw off your day. Get to an evening spin class, or wake up early for boot camp. You will feel more empowered rather than start the all-too-familiar spiral of self-loathing.

Image Control: Make a mood board. Visualizing images and words of encouragement for inspiration is a great way to bring you into the moment and realize your goals. Add in some of your favorite pictures of happy times at your current weight. Don’t make this stage “bad”. We only have one life to live — this is simply another adventure!

Reflection: Take a moment to look at yourself. It sounds silly, but often we get so concerned about what others look like, our own reflection gets loss. Thoughts are powerful, and typically we make our appearance worse in our heads. Face yourself head on and realize your beauty. Sure, your tummy may be a little more flabby than you’d like, but have you ever noticed how lovely your legs are?

Nobody is perfect and we are all insecure at times, but loving who you are today is the first step to welcoming your new future.

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