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Get back into shape without having to find a babysitter!

By | June 26th, 2013

After 9 months of being pregnant, new moms can be anxious to get back to their exercise routine. Pilates is great way to bounce back after having a baby, because the exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles.

Being a new mom means constant attention to your newborn. A great way to fit in exercise is to include your baby! Mommy and Me Pilates classes helps to form a strong bond between you and your baby, creates the ability socialize with other moms, and can get you back in shape without having to find a babysitter!

When you can’t get out of the house try this 10-minute circuit with your baby. Perform each exercise for 1 minute with 15-20 seconds of rest in between.

Pushups with Kisses

Targets: Chest, Shoulders, Arms, and Abdominals

Come to your hands and knees on a mat. Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Place your baby between your hands on the mat. Position your knees so there is a straight line from the hips to the shoulders. Bend at the elbows and lower toward your baby, give a quick kiss and then straighten arms and push away from the floor, returning to start position.

Walking Lunges holding baby

Targets: Legs and Glutes

Stand with feet together, baby in your arms. Take a big step forward, bending both knees to a 90-degree angle. Push through the heel of the front leg and return to standing position. Repeat on opposite side.

Bridge Holds

Targets: Hamstrings and Glutes         

Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place the baby on your hips facing you. Squeeze the glutes to lift hips off the floor, pressing heels into the ground. Hold the bridge for a few seconds, talk to your baby, and then lower.

Seated Baby Lifts

Targets: Arm and Abs

Sit on a chair with feet on the floor and holding your baby a few inches away from you. Baby should be facing toward you. Straighten your arms to lift the baby over head. Bend the elbows to lower back in front of you.

Squats with alternating side legs lifts

Targets: Legs, Glutes

Stand in front of a chair with feet shoulder width apart, holding your baby. Bend the knees and hips to lower toward the chair, pause when you are just about to touch the chair and giggle with your baby. Then straighten your knees and hips to come to standing position. 

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