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By | April 24th, 2013

Why can’t I just cut the B.S. and break a sweat?

I presume you ask yourself the same questions and it’s not just me…I’m actually a fan of strength training and love that post-workout high but one of the biggest setbacks for me is forcing myself to get up off my couch in the first place and to leave the comfort of my home.

Not long ago, I used to use pretty much every excuse in the book to avoid a workout.  Turns out technology has lent a helpful hand to the fitness industry and now I can’t hide under that pillow, hoping that my fitness conscience won’t see me and make me exercise if I just squeeze my eyes shut tightly enough (hey – it used to work when we were kids, right?).

I am an absolute Google-aholic who can spend hours each day surfing the web for the latest and greatest.  Just recently, along my daily Google travels, I stumbled upon this website called Yogavibes. This site was such a cool find for me because it motivates me to work out wherever I want and whenever I want.  I used to hide behind these excuses, but I realized that if I can really break a sweat in my own living room then I’ve really got nothing to lose – except those extra few lbs. I am targeting before summer!

1. But that popular yoga studio memberships cost more than my rent!

The membership cost at Yogavibes.com is $200 for a year and includes a 15-day FREE trial to see if it is right for you.

2. But I don’t own cute gym clothes that make me feel slim and trim.

With these at-home routines I can wear or not wear whatever I want! Pajamas, just my underwear, or even nude because it’s just me (okay, I usually leave the clothes on, but it is an option).

3. But I have to pack my lunch, get to work, do laundry, clean my apartment, and then meet my friends for drinks. When do you expect me to fit in an exercise class?

Yogavibes.com classes range from 15-90 minutes and I can select workout length depending on my mood. I create my own schedule. Perfect.

4. Studios make me nervous… I don’t feel very ohm when I’m measuring myself up to lifetime yogis.

This site allows me to look ridiculous in my very own space. No weird looks except from maybe your spouse or pooch.

5. Here’s something: I don’t like taking the same boring class over and over again.

The website offers a variety of classes like Yoga for Athletes and series from popular studios like Exhale Spa.

6. But you’re asking me to give up my Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, computer, iPod for a whole hour?

It’s all about the pause. That’s right, I can pause the instructor whenever I want to and never feel bad about it.

At this point I think you’re catching my drift: I can come up with some of the most creative, innovative, dog-ate-my-homework excuses but this site has been a really powerful tool in motivating me to get my ohm on in my own way.


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