Gym Scene: Women Should Workout With Other Women

Women are strong, beautiful and more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  We should use these abilities to help make ourselves and each other stronger by conquering our workouts together.

Consider this scenario: You finally mustered up the courage to get yourself to the gym, but now you are welcomed by huge muscles, loud grunts and weights cranking against one another, which makes you want to walk right back out the door.  This is inevitable and sometimes I wish I had a gym to myself. But if you instead surround yourself by encouraging, health-conscious women, you will not only feel inspired and motivated but it will make breaking a sweat in front of a male-heavy crowd less intimidating and way easier to handle.

In my experience, these are the three primary reasons why it is beneficial for women grab their female friends and workout together:


When walking into a gym and feeling uncomfortable it is natural for you to feel like you are being stared at.  Truthfully if you are new and most of those surrounding you aren’t, they will notice you.  This can be extremely uncomfortable for women specifically because men often get motivated when others are staring at them.  We just get straight up insecure.  Having a woman next to you or working out in a class with only other women provides you with a more comfortable atmosphere.  You have already stepped out of your comfort zone, so at least make that zone as familiar feeling as you can!


Killing two birds with one stone is always a great accomplishment.  Working out with other women can not only make you feel better physically but it can also serve as a mental therapy session as well.  Women love to chat and we feel most comfortable swapping feelings and stories with other women.  Being able to distract ourselves from the workout is also a great way to keep moving.  Work those mouths and those muscles for workouts done so fast you would have thought you just started.  Just make sure you keep working out while you are chatting.  No long breaks full of mouth-only movement!


This isn’t true in all cases, but I find that men and women have different goals when approaching their workouts.  Typically men are trying to “get strong” and “bulk up,” but this is not the case for many women.  Finding women with similar goals can help keep you on track and make you feel more accomplished after every workout!

Women Workout With Women is a powerful concept.  Try it! I bet that it will give you strength to tackle any type of day that crosses your path.  At the very least I encourage you to say hi to fellow women you see working out; it will at least open the doors to more hellos and maybe conversations that could lead to great friendships or empowering one another!

Gym Scene: Women Should Workout With Other Women

By Heather Dorak, Founder of Pilates Platinum